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The Felpeto family has been running a clandestine gambling business for several decades. The entire structure of the organisation operates in a nice neighbourhood of white working-class houses. Since her father died, Maribel is in charge of coordinating a group of operators who compute the bets in the precarious call centre that operates in the living room of her house. Alejandra, her mother, lives in an identical house a few metres away, where the accounting office is located. The two houses are connected by a narrow flagstone path that Maribel can walk through in seconds.

The couriers are in charge of collecting the betting money and paying out the prizes. Maribel hangs out with one of the couriers; Leandro, a fun loving crook who diversifies his activities in gambling with small robberies and drug dealing.

In the last few weeks, several gambling capitalists have been raided and the atmosphere in the neighbourhood is strained. People talk about purges in the police and big money movements. No one knows how much truth lays behind the rumours in the neighbourhood and the media reports.

One day, Maribel confirms a suspicion she has had for years: somewhere in another part of the city there is a family just like hers and an unacknowledged son, a guy named Facundo. 

The Fepeto’s memories are now littered with the obvious signs of this double life. 

Through the editing of hundreds of hours of found footage and a mise en scene that flirts between genre fiction and documentary, Something old, something new, something borrowed reconstructs the foundation, heyday and fall of a family.

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