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PEDRO PALOMAR (60) was raised in the streets. He has been a  burglar, an opportunist, a pickpocket and mugger, but he’d rather define himself as an old school thief. PEDRO has been 20 years in prison and he always says prisoners will watch con movies only until the big heist scene. Afterwards, they’ll change the channel or turn off the TV. Endings don’t interest them. That’s why when PEDRO pictures the movie about his life, it starts as many others: after finishing a ten year sentence for armed robbery a 60 year old man -played by PEDRO- is set free. 

Since her mother’s death, TATA (10) has been living with her cousins, aunts and uncles. She was still a baby when PEDRO was arrested so she is now having a hard time finding in that stocky old man who could be her father.

SABINO and JULIANA love Pedro as a brother and make him feel at home, but they are clear about one thing: they need him to take care of the girl for once and for all. 

Pedro starts planning one last big job. He sets up a gang formed by him and other old-fashioned thieves, a generation which had its heyday in the late ‘80s: the hard-boiled school. TATA will be by Pedro’s side the whole time. She is interested in and curious about everything; with time she’ll become the privileged apprentice of a profane knowledge. Through the careful planning and execution of a bank’s heist performed by a gang of real-life retired thieves, LA ESCUELA PESADA portrays the life and works of Pedro Palomar.

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